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What to see

“This is a new world. This is paradise",

exclaimed Luka Čeč upon the discovery of the Postojna Cave back in 1818. And since then we have become part of the wonders of the world.

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Postojna Cave Park

In the Postojna Cave Park, in addition to the world-famous Postojna Cave, you can also see the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst Exhibition and the Proteus Cave with the Vivarium. In any case, you should not miss a visit to two exceptional caves - Pivka and Črna jama.


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Let the famous legend about Erasmus of Predjamski be your travel guide when you visit Predjamski Castle. Thus, the tour of the castle will certainly be even more mystical and interesting. Do you already know all the secrets of the Cave under Predjama Castle and the possibilities you can experience there? On your way back from the castle, don't forget to visit the rich museum collection "Pri stari dami".


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Mountain field

The unique karst landscape that reveals its charms again and again. On the edge of the field stands the Ravbar tower, the only remnant of the 14th-century Little Castle, and the ruins of the once mighty baroque castle Hošperk (Haasberg). Perhaps just a hint for a future one-day trip: Planinska jama, one of the most interesting and largest water caves in Slovenia, home to a "small sea" of human fish.



Postojna Interior Museum

In Postojna, as the world's cradle of karst studies, there is The Postojna Indoor Museum with a permanent exhibition The Karst Museum, which is the most comprehensive exhibition on karst in Europe. Have you heard about the medieval treasure that was found in Predjama Castle? Let us give you a hint that this is the right place to look for it. You will certainly be impressed by the rich collection of skeletons of Ice Age animals and the viewing of cave animals under microscopes.


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