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What to do

Here you can discover legends and enjoy various activities below and above ground, in water and in the air.

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Fly fishing on the river Unica

The Unica river meanders through the unique Planinské polje and is the most famous karst river, which is also known beyond Slovenian borders due to its beautiful surroundings and riverbed full of life. Due to the karst soils, which are rich in nutrients, the fish in the river are healthy and strong, they reach above-average lengths and are therefore a real challenge for fishermen. In our accommodation, we offer you practical advice, guidance and organization of fly fishing, as we ourselves are members of the fishing family.





Discover the secrets of medieval knights, their stories and legends. You will be impressed by the mighty and remote castles and manors along the way. Which cycling route will you choose? Feel the pulse of the rugged karst landscape "on the breeze", full of rich history and world-famous sights and unspoiled nature.


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​The municipality of Postojna is a veritable treasure trove of hills, mountains, hills and various hiking and learning trails. Hikers love to return again and again for new experiences and wonderful views, which are offered to them as a reward when they conquer the peaks.




Bear watching

The brown bear (Ursus arctos), an animal that fills us with admiration and awe, can be safely observed in its natural environment accompanied by a guide. An experienced hunter takes you on forest adventures, where you will get to know the habitat of the largest beast of the Slovenian forests and other forest animals.




Grad Prestranek, nekdanja podružnica kobilarne Lipica, ima eno največjih in najstarejših pokritih jahalnic v Sloveniji ter največjo šolo jahanja na islandskih konjih_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in Slovenia. They offer the option of individual and/or off-road riding on Icelandic horses, holiday riding camps, riding school, horse-assisted therapy and much more.


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The beautiful nature and the underground world that adorn our landscape offer you unique opportunities to relax and spend your free time in nature.


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